WATCH: The Êvê’s “Erhverhs” not Hebrews: Part 2 – Akwetey Amaah

Shalom, everyone! The following is part 2 of the series of video lectures called “The Êvê’s “Erhverhs” not Hebrews,” by renown educator Rabbi Akwetey Amaah. In this installment, Rabbi Akwetey discusses a number of controversial topics including:

  • Whether the ancient Hebrew language has been lost and if its original speakers would be able to read and understand the Hebrew we know today;
  • The original pictograph script of ancient Hebrew and how the modern Hebrew script was developed from Aramaic, not the original Hebrew;
  • How the Erverhs (Ehvehs) became splinter groups each with its own dialect which lead each group to later believe that they were not originally from the same people; and
  • The original pronunciation of the name of God of Israel, the Tetragrammaton spelled out “Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey.”

In spite of the many changes and shifts of the Hebrew discussed above, they are still a group of people, the Anlo-Erverhs, who still today retain many words from ancient Hebrew tongue in their everyday dialect, and can easily read the ancient Hebrew (Ehveh) script. These people live along the Volta River in Ghana:

Is the ancient Hebrew Tongue Lost?

The Êvê’s “Erhverhs” not Hebrews: Part 2 – Akwetey Amaah

Video from Akwetey Amaah/YouTube


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