WATCH: Transatlantic Slave Trade (2017) – Akwetey Amaah

Shalom, everyone! The following is a lecture by renown educator Rabbi Akwetey Amaah, providing a detailed overview of the history of Transatlantic Slave Trade and its lingering effects on not only the descendants of slaves in the Americas but also on the peoples of West Africa. Rabbi Awketey examines the horrors of the slave trade and the role of the Church in this diabolical endeavor to rob West Africa of her resources and her people. The Transatlantic Slave Trade robbed West Africa of valuable human capital from which the region has never truly recovered; and created a permanent underclass of descendants on slaves in the Americas. The Transatlantic Slave Trade was truly the Black/African Holocaust:

Trans Atlantic Slave Trade – Akwetey Amaah

Video from Akwetey Amaah/YouTube


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