WATCH: “African Origin of Abrahamic Faiths: Edenic Unity” – Full Documentary (2017) – Stephen Graham

Shalom, everyone! The following is the full uncut documentary, “African Origin of Abrahamic Faiths: Edenic Unity “ produced by British filmmaker Stephen Graham. The full uncut documentary was recently made available by Graham on YouTube. Graham discusses how all the Abrahamic Faiths (Hebrewism/Hebrew Faith, Islam, Judaism, etc.) are African in origin.

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According to statistics the Abrahamic faiths are the predominant belief system practised amongst mankind. Collectively billions refer to themselves as Hebrew Israelites, Jews, Christians or Muslims, not excluding members of offshoot practises such as the Rastafarian Movement; and the numbers continue to grow.

Throughout the Holy Books of the Abrahamic faiths, reference to the children of Israel, the prophets and their geographical location forms the most part of the dialogue. With different denominational groups subscribing to different ideologies, widespread confusion covers the earth and gross darkness clouds the people. What do the scriptures say and history teach with regards to the physical complexion of the children of Israel, the prophets and the origin of their geographical location?

In this documentary evidence in the form of quotes from the Tanakh, Bible, Quran, authentic hadiths and from the literature of selected scholars will be shared with the aim to show that the Abrahamic Faiths are undoubtedly African in their origin.

“African Origin of Abrahamic Faiths: Edenic Unity” – Full Documentary-  Stephen Graham

Video from EP channel – Stephen Graham/YouTube


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