WATCH: Ancient Israelites in Africa – The Bantus – (2009) – Pastor Thomas Vanda

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video playlist of Congolese researcher, historian and linguist Pastor Thomas Vanda of how the majority of the ancient Israelites fled into Africa in order to escape the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Roman invasions and captivities. These migrations were recorded in history as the Great Bantu Migration which occurred in stages, however, these Bantus were none other than the ancient Israelites fleeing the destruction of their homeland, the Kingdom of Israel, the Kingdom of Judah, and later Judea and Samaria. The tribes of Israel are not lost. They are in Africa and today number in the hundreds of millions; and millions of their descendants of ancient Israelites wound up in the Americas as victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures. This presentation was made in 2009.

Please note that Pastor Vanda makes his presentation in French. An English translation is provided live after each statement in French. There are no subtitles. Although Pastor Vanda presents evidence primarily from the Tanakh and other historical and cultural references, he does makes some Christian references in this presentation. Gevirah.com does not subscribe to Christian theology.

Disclaimer: This link is being provided as a convenience and for information purposes only; this does not constitute an endorsement or approval by Gevirah.com of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. Gevirah.com bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Please contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

Ancient Israelites in Africa – The Bantus – Pastor Thomas Vanda

Videos from Kloe Nazanian/YouTube



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