WATCH: The Wulomo of the Ga Dangmes (2017) – Rabbi Akwetey Amaah

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video commentary by renown educator Rabbi Akwetey Amaah of the Kingdom of Kings Academy called “The Wulomo of the Ga Dangmes.” In this video clip, Rabbi Akwetey explains that the Wulomo serves as prophet, priest, and guide among the Ga-Dangme people. The Wulomo has certain restrictions on them, aligned with the restrictions placed on the priests (kohanim) in the Torah: The Wulomo must always wear white garments, he is forbidden from wearing shoes/footwear, he cannot come near a corpse, he is forbidden from shaving his head or beard, and he must wear a head-covering. Rabbi Akwetey discusses each of these restrictions, and compares the role and accessories of the Wulomo among the Ga-Dangme and the priest (kohen) in ancient Ehveh culture, as found in the Torah.

The Ga-Dangmes people are descendants of the Israelite tribes of Gad and Dan. For more information on this and other video lectures on Ehveh history and culture please visit Rabbi Akwetey‘s website at https://www.tasteoftext.org/:

Who is the Wulomo and can we find him in the Torah / Bible?

The Wulomo of the Ga Dangmes – Akwetey Amaah

Video from Akwetey Amaah/YouTube

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