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WATCH: Unlocking the Time Capsule of the Israelite Profile Left in West Africa – 2018 – Bro. Ron Shields A/K/A “Divine Prospect

Shalom, everyone! The ancient Israelite culture is alive and well in West Africa! This is where the tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel fled to, via Egypt, after the sacking of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians. Though the Assyrians took some Israelite captives back to Assyria, the majority of the Northern Kingdom fled south avoiding capture, some staying in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, others fleeing further south into Egypt. West Africa, via Egypt, was also the refuge for those of the Southern Kingdom of Judah who did not choose exile to Babylon with Nebuchadnezzar‘s troops. The majority of the House of Israel and Judah chose exile to Egypt and over time, made their way to West Africa, with their original culture intact, without the influence of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans.

In this video presentation, Brother Ron Shields, a/k/a “Divine Prospect” of Kingdom Harbinger Ministries presents the evidence of ancient pre-exilic Israelite culture from the Scriptures and among the cultures of Ewe (Ehveh), Ga-Dangmes, Akan, Sefwi, Igbo and other West African peoples. It is like unlocking a time capsule from the ancient Israelite past when learning about these cultures in depth. These cultures were not influenced by the foreign cultures of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, therefore the original Israelite culture is intact. The ancient Israelites did not practice Judaism. If you’re looking for evidence of Judaism in Africa, you will find very few traces of it, as Judaism was a religion developed by the Second Temple-era Judeans under heavy influence from the ancient enemies of Israel (Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans). Judaism was never part of the original ancient Israelite culture. In a nutshell, the ancient pre-exilic Israelite culture is an African culture.

In this presentation, Brother Ron will discuss the following topics: Libation, ancestor veneration, fetishism, Asherah poles, naming conventions, teraphim, altars, levirate marriage, seclusion of women during menses, feast days, bitter water jealousy ritual and other topics. The West African peoples mentioned above were also significantly impacted by the Transatlantic Slave Trade, meaning, the majority of the descendants of the enslaved Africans who were brought to the Americas are actually descendants of the ancient pre-exilic Israelites. If you are an African-American, African-Caribbean or other African diaspora descendant wishing to connect to Hebraic culture, there is no need for you to seek affirmation nor validation through conversion to Judaism, or through another similar ruling from any Jewish rabbinical court (Beit Din), whether Orthodox or not. Judaism was not our original culture nor what is our original religion. Reconnect with the African culture of your ancestors and you will have reconnected with the ancient pre-exilic Israelite/Hebraic culture. We have our own rich and vibrant culture and have no need to borrow and adopt the customs of another people. We are enough! We are the Ehvehs (Hebrews)!

Unlocking the Time Capsule of the Israelite Profile Left in West Africa – Kingdom Harbinger Ministries

Video playlist from Kingdom Harbinger Ministries/YouTube


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