WATCH: AT Last! Revealed HEALTHY FRUITS We NOW Eat Wrongly! – KhamithiHiburuEthics lmd

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by the priest, teacher and scholar LM Dumizulu of Khamithi Hiburu Ethics on the benefits of eating fruits in their natural season. The scholar also demonstrates how the appearance specific plants foods relate to the health of specific organs of the body. We must eat the original fruit with the seeds to obtain the maximum benefit for our health. We must avoid all genetically-modified foods as they are harmful to our health.

Khamithi Hibiru Ethics also discusses the pharmacology and pharmacy which have their ancient origins in witchcraft. Remember, The Creator made food for our medicine.

AT Last! Revealed HEALTHY FRUITS We NOW Eat Wrongly!

Video from KhamithiHiburuEthics lmd/YouTube

“AT Last! Revealed Healthy FRUITS We NOW Eat Wrongly!
Who taught us to eat thus?
Why do we eat them wrongly?
How can we correct this?
Who Controls Your Health!
And WHY?
Modern Medical Institutions Beginning in the days of European Enlightenment
and this Hi-tech High GROWTH Pharmaceutical Industry Loves Diseases More than Health.
Its ideology has diluted all the seasonal natural Eating Ancient Afrikan Philosophy on Eating fruits and other foods.
The issue of fruits food signatures,
colour, shape and size matters most!
IF WE EAT WELL We will live well.
We will live LONGER In total happiness!
Find out More From this AWESOME POST.”


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