WATCH: ASTRO-THEOLOGY 101: Christianity and the Astrological Nature of Jesus Christ! – Sun of Saturn

Shalom, everyone! Astrotheology or astrolatry is the worship of celestial bodies, that is, sun, moon, and stars, as deities. The most common instances of astrotheology are sun deities and moon deities in a number of polytheistic spiritual systems worldwide. In ancient times, astrotheology formed the basis of the Babylonian and Egyptian spiritual systems. These spiritual systems, in turn, gave rise to the spiritual systems of ancient Greece, and Rome, Persia, India, and others worldwide. Adherents often anthropomorphized celestial bodies, that is, they assigned human or animal characteristics to them, and created myths and legends out of the characters and orbits of celestial bodies to teach core principles. Astrotheology also forms the basis of the so-called three “Abrahamic” faiths, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. None of these religions were new religions, but continuations of the ancient spiritual systems of Egypt and Babylon.

The following is a presentation published on the YouTube channel, Sun of Saturn, of how astrotheology forms the foundation of the Christian faith and western culture itself. Astrotheology forms the basis of virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Belief in and worship of Jesus (Yeshua) is to give allegiance to a myth. Jesus (Yeshua) most likely never existed, and the gospels are nothing but fables. There is no historical evidence that Jesus (Yeshua) or any of his disciples ever existed. Why are there virtually no references to Jesus (Yeshua) by those historians who would have been his contemporaries in the Mediterranean region? The only sources are the four oldest gospels themselves, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, typologies of the four cardinal points of the cross of the zodiac. This presentation was arranged and narrated by Michael Tsarion.

While this presentation may cause many to question their faith, please remember that there is a Divine Creator who created all the celestial bodies, the universe, everything in it and all life itself. The creation did not create itself. Many cultures assign different names to this Divine Creator; for the Hebrews, the name given for the Divine Creator is YHVH, or YAH in poetic form. It is this Divine Creator that we must tap into. He is the only Truth. And He encoded His instructions of how we are to live in the Torah. Be encouraged, seek truth and know the Divine Creator:

ASTRO-THEOLOGY 101: Christianity and the Astrological Nature of Jesus Christ!

Video from Sun of Saturn/YouTube


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