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WATCH: The Divine Council – Full Lecture – Dr. Michael Heiser/Naked Bible

Shalom, everyone! The following is a lecture par by renown biblical scholar and author Dr. Michael Heiser on the Divine Council, a “collection of spiritual beings through which YAH chooses to administer His rule.” As we stated earlier, the ancient Hebrews knew there was a three-tiered hierarchy of divine beings as follows:

  1. YHVH (YAH) – The Creator and Master of the Universe
  2. Bene Elohim/Bene Elyon – “Sons of God,” “sons of the Most High,”or “host of heaven”
  3. Angels (ma’lakim) – Messengers of God

The top tier belongs to YAH. The second tier belongs to the “Bene Elohim” or “sons of God.” The Bene Elohim were also present at the Creation and are members of YAH‘s Divine Council. The third tier belongs to the angels, who are messengers and perform lower-level tasks. Does this mean that the Hebrew Bible supports polytheistic worship? Absolutely not! The Hebrew Bible is monolatristic not monotheistic. Remember, We are to worship YAH only.

Dr. Heiser also discusses the concept of cosmic geography in the Tanakh, that is, after the Tower of Babel, YAH divided the territories of the world and allotted jurisdiction over them to members of His Divine Council, the Bene Elohim. These members of the Divine Council eventually became the deities of these territories. This was a punishment for the nations for rejecting His authority at the Tower of Babel. Only Israel did YAH keep for Himself, eventually giving this territory to the Hebrews/Israelites, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Unfortunately, the Israelites were seduced by the surrounding peoples to worship other deities, and YAH eventually expelled us from the Land of Israel.

Dr. Heiser is the author of the book, “The Unseen Realm.” Please note that Dr. Heiser is of the Christian faith. While Gevirah.com does not support the Christian doctrine of Jesus (Yeshua) being a deity worthy of worship, we do support the monolatry supported by the Hebrew Bible: Other deities do exist, however, our attention, allegiance, praise, and worship must be to YAH and YAH alone.

The Gods of the Bible – Part 2 – Dr. Michael Heiser/Naked Bible

Video from Naked Bible/YouTube



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