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WATCH: “Adinkra Symbols & Meanings” (2017) – TheeAfroNerd

Shalom, everyone! The following is an overview from YouTube channel TheeAfroNerd of the Adinkra symbols and their meanings. The Adinkra symbols are ideograms/ideographs (graphic characters) representing proverbs relating to the history and customs of the Ashanti people of Ghana. These symbols are usually placed on fabric worn during sacred occasions. Today, however, these symbols are being used in business, art, architecture, jewelry and other purposes. 

This video is an excellent introduction to the Adinkra symbols and their meanings. In later posts, we will discuss these symbols in greater detail.

For more information on the Adinkra symbols, please visit 

Adrinkra Symbols & Meanings

Adinkra Symbols are ideographs that represents proverbs relating to history and customs of the Asante people.
The symbols originated from the Kingdom of Gyaman, modern-day Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and were adopted Ashanti People in the 19th century.
Ashanti people usually placed the symbols on cloth that were worn on sacred occasions.
Today, the symbols are incorporated in pottery, architecture, advertising, and logos.
For more detailed information, visit:…
References :

Video from TheeAfroNerd/YouTube


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