WATCH: Top Ten Lies Told About Africa – Home Team History

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by Home Team History/YouTube showing the top ten LIES told by European and Arab writers about Africa. The presenter refutes each of these lies in great detail. These LIES are as follows:

LIE# 10. All Africans live in mud huts.

LIE# 9. Africans never invented the wheel.

LIE# 8. Africans below the Sahara never sailed the seas.

LIE# 7. Africa is the Dark Continent with no history worthy of note.

LIE# 6. Africans have unsophisticated forms of spirituality.

LIE# 5. Africans are the dumb brutes of warfare, spear-chuggers with little or no strategy.

LIE# 4. Egypt is the oldest civilization in Africa and was not African.

LIE# 3. Africa had no civilizations.

LIE# 2. Africa has no indigenous writing systems.

LIE# 1. Black people sold their own into slavery during the era of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Top Ten Lies Told About Africa – Home Team History

Video from Home Team History/YouTube


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