Geography: The 10 Largest African Countries By Land Area – African Insider

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by African Insider on the ten largest African countries by land area. These are:

  1. Algeria: 2,381,741 sq km
  2. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo): 2,344,858 sq km
  3. Sudan: 1,861,484 sq km
  4. Libya: 1,759,540 sq km
  5. Chad: 1,284,000 sq km
  6. Niger: 1,267,000 sq km
  7. Angola: 1,246,700 sq km
  8. Mali: 1,240,192 sq km
  9. South Africa: 1,219,090 sq km
  10. Ethiopia: 1,104,300 sq km

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world. It covers around 30.2 million square kilometers. That is around 20.4 percent of the earth’s land area. The African continent has 54 sovereign nations and and 10 non-sovereign territories.


Here is a brief outline of the top 10 largest African countries, with information regarding the area covered. In the video above is a list of 10 countries in Africa, in order of geographical area. Sudan was, with an area of 2,505,813km², formerly the largest country in Africa, until South Sudan formally split from it in 2011

10 Largest AFRICAN Countries by Land Area

Video from African Insider/YouTube


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