Holiday Greetings: Chodesh Tov! Rosh Chodesh Pagrim, Tevet (Tenth Month) 2018 #NewMoon

Shalom, everyone! Rosh Chodesh Pagrim, the first day of the Tenth Month, begins sundown Friday, December 27, 2019, on the Hebrew calendar, with the sighting of the new moon (first visible crescent). “Chodesh Tov” (“A Good Month”) from to all who celebrate!

About This Month

Pagrim is the Tenth Month of the ecclesiastical Hebrew calendar. The word “Pagrim” is a Canaanite-Phoenician word meaning “corpses (of plants).” After the Babylonian Exile, the Tenth Month became known as “Tevet.” The word “Tevet” comes from the Akkadian word “tebētu which means to “sink” or “sink down” due to the muddy conditions which occur during the rainy season.

The following are the holidays and special events that occur during the month of Pagrim (Tevet):

  • 10 of Pagrim (Tevet) – Asara b’Tevet – (Fast of the Tenth Month)

The following are some of the significant events in Israelite history which occurred during the month of Pagrim (Tevet):

  • 10 of Pagrim (Tevet) (588 BCE) – Nebuchadnezzar II‘s armies besiege Jerusalem; now commemorated as a fast day.
  • 21 of Pagrim (Tevet) (2122 AM) – Birth of Simeon, son of Jacob.
  • Tevet (circa 362 BCE) – Esther was taken to King Achashverosh‘s palace, leading to her becoming queen (Esther 2:16-17).
  • 24 of Pagrim (Tevet) (3rd-century BCE) – Elders among the Yehudim procure the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek (Septuagint) for Ptolemy II Philadelphus.
  • 28 of Pagrim (Tevet) (81 BCE) – Shimon ben Shetach ejects the Sadducees from the Sanhedrin, replacing them with his Mishnah (loyal Pharisaic disciples).


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