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Money: List of the Circulating Currencies of Africa

Shalom, everyone! The following is a list of the circulating currencies of Africa from Wikipedia.org. These currencies are recognized as legal tender (a medium of payment recognized by a legal system to be valid for meeting a financial obligation) in United Nations (UN) members states, UN observer states, partially or unrecognized states. and […]

Geography: The Countries and Territories of Africa

The following are the countries and territories of Africa: Africa Country Capital Official Language(s) Demonym  Algeria Algiers Arabic Algerian  Angola Luanda Portuguese Angolan  Benin Porto Novo French Beninese, Beninois  Botswana Gaborone English, Setswana Batswana, Motswana  Burkina Faso Ouagadougou French Burkinabe  Burundi Bujumbura Kirundi, French Burundian  Cameroon Yaounde English, […]